2 months and a week left till my exams... There has been times where I simply don't understand how to deal with a certain situation and this is simply one of those days... *sigh* You know there are days where you just feel empty; as if you're sinking into a hopeless despair filled void. You... Continue Reading →



2 months and three weeks till my exams... Introvert: A person who is shy and reticent. Reticent: A person who has does not reveal one's feelings or thoughts readily. There's this understanding within people, that introverts are people that keep their feelings to themselves by choice. Introverts are people who simply can't open up. The... Continue Reading →


2 months and 3 weeks till my exams... I woke up with the weirdest feeling today. As if I could sleep for a millenia and yet I was completely wide awake. Then I sat up and the feeling vanished, just for a second I'd felt as if the world was trying to say something to... Continue Reading →


3 months left till my exams...   I don't know how many more times I can look at a chat screen, wanting to say something then writing nothing. How much longer will I type, erase, type, erase, type, erase? It isn't easy being me because it isn't easy being someone who can't express emotions. As... Continue Reading →


Mum's birthday... 30th Parent's 23rd anniversary... 27th Halloween... 31st 3 months left till my exams... Pumped up, feeling like I can do this! I don't know what happened today but I woke up as usual, and then I felt like I needed to go straight back to sleep but as the Void would have it-... Continue Reading →


J's birthday. Approximately 3 months and a week left till my exams... When you're born, there's few things that matter. Food, Mother, and Discomfort. As children, we cry at the smallest things; a scrape on our knee, a fall from the swing, a scratch from a tree. In that time of pain, the first flare... Continue Reading →


Approximately 1 week and 3 months till my exams... *Groan* I. Hate. Studying. It honestly feels like I'm stu-dying. The amount of crap I need to learn that will never come in useful actually astonishes me. The amount of praise I feel for high achieving students right now is absolutely amazing. You guys deserve everything... Continue Reading →


Approximately 2 months and 2 weeks left till my GCSEs. Can I tell you how stressed I am? Well I am absolutely shattered under this much stress and usually my memory is absolutely fantastic and my concentration is excellent but lately I've been noticing that both are lessening rapidly. For example, right now I'm supposed... Continue Reading →

Hold On: Part 1

"Is this taken?" She looked up to meet a pair of green eyes before looking across her table at her empty chair and shaking her head. He gave her a grateful smile before placing his bag down and seating himself on the chair. She watched him pull out all his books, noisily before returning to... Continue Reading →

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