I am human.

You know, in life- I've had many opportunities that turned out shit, many misgivings that eventually turned into something great, many missed opportunities that I thought I was too good for, many projects I took under my wing -into my care that completely failed and turned into dust but I have just yet realised something,... Continue Reading →

Hold On: Part 1

"Is this taken?" She looked up to meet a pair of green eyes before looking across her table at her empty chair and shaking her head. He gave her a grateful smile before placing his bag down and seating himself on the chair. She watched him pull out all his books, noisily before returning to... Continue Reading →


I trusted you and loved you. You told me we'd be in each other's lives for ever and that you'd never let me go. I guess that was first mistake- believing you. It was when I was believing you that I stopped believing in myself. I started doubting everything I was doing and only your... Continue Reading →

She walked past the shop like she did everyday and the eyes followed her like they did everyday. He walked behind her, neutrally; as if just another pedestrian on the street but he had another motive, he wanted her. He wanted her love, her beauty and her passion. She danced everyday at the studio and... Continue Reading →


There are moments in our life when everything just feels in place, it just feels... right. Then are days when you feel depressed, extremely depressed. Some days just feel like nothing; you feel nothing and you do nothing. Some days start out terrible and by the end, it was amazing. Some days start out amazing... Continue Reading →

It's a very hard thing to carry on with life, let alone have people tell you that it gets easier along the way. What if it doesn't? What if in my story, it only gets more and more complicated? Life doesn't have an easy mode or a medium and hard mode, it's how you make... Continue Reading →

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