It’s a very hard thing to carry on with life, let alone have people tell you that it gets easier along the way. What if it doesn’t? What if in my story, it only gets more and more complicated?

Life doesn’t have an easy mode or a medium and hard mode, it’s how you make it, however, sometimes you can’t always control which mode it’s put on since you’re born but those are exceptions.

Let’s talk about rape, it’s a touchy subject, I know; but people tell you to just forget about. Now, I’m not a rape victim, myself, however I have talked to people about these things and they’ve told me that there’s not much you can do except forget about it. Isn’t there? Aren’t there helplines and people to talk to? Aren’t the police and social workers supposed to help you through that time? There is something you can do, but maybe your just too afraid of the consequences.

Now, bullying is another issue? Can we solve it? Not particularly.
I don’t think there’s any of us that particularly ask to get bullied or want to. There are things that can provoke bullies: such as taunting and shaming other people in which case you are the bully yourself. Sometimes your lack of money or a certain genetic flaw may cause it, in which case there’s nothing you can do about it. Or is there? Are the teachers going to turn their backs on innocent students? Are you parents? Are your friends? Are the helplines specifically designed to help people through these, going to turn their back on you?

The only person that’s stopping you from getting help, is you.


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