Make me want you

She walked past the shop like she did everyday and the eyes followed her like they did everyday. He walked behind her, neutrally; as if just another pedestrian on the street but he had another motive, he wanted her. He wanted her love, her beauty and her passion.

She danced everyday at the studio and just before she would pass the shop and into the bakery next door. She would greet the people who worked there before picking a pastry of her choice. The staff loved this girl, he felt a slight shame that they would never have her again. She would pay for her pastry and walk out with it in her bag.

Today was no different, she walked out with a smile when the first droplet hit her. After that, the rain fell restlessly and with no end. She ran as fast as she could and every pedestrian did the same, trying to reach shelter in the busy New York street. They couldn’t tell which man had a motive and who didn’t. But he did, and he was trying not to lose her out of his sight, when finally she turned the corner.

His pulse raced, what if he lost her? This time he sprinted after her, pushing and shoving people onto the muddy sidewalk and getting their designer brands ruined. But he didn’t care about the curses that followed him, he cared about the blessing that was leaving him.

A man was leaving his car to enter the shop for brief moment when he dived into the drivers seat and started ignition. More curses and things flew at him but he was dry now and the car protected him. He turned the corner hastily and saw her in the distance running in a crowd of people who were desperate to get out of the rain.

They all looked hopefully at the car with the yellow sign on top but it was her outstretched hand that he stopped for, ignoring the angry protests of the others.

“Where to ma’am?’

“The American Ballet Theater,”

“Of course,”


The New York Times

Missing girl, Laura Jenkins, 23 was last seen at Al’s Bakery on High Street just before the rain had started. Search party has been cast by her family, who are worried but the girl has not been found for 15 days and the downfall of the Prima ballerina to be, has not gone unnoticed…


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