Hold On: Part 1

“Is this taken?”

She looked up to meet a pair of green eyes before looking across her table at her empty chair and shaking her head. He gave her a grateful smile before placing his bag down and seating himself on the chair. She watched him pull out all his books, noisily before returning to her maths homework.

She hated maths  and if there’s anything she hated more than maths was maths homework. She wasn’t bad at maths, just extremely annoyed at the amount of concentration it took, she was one for multitasking but with this subject it was almost impossible. She turned another page in her book before feeling like she was being watched. She looked up to meet the same pair of eyes.

“Can I help you?” she asked politely.

He jumped out of his gaze and looked down at his books with a blush rising on his cheeks.

“No thanks,” he replied. “I’m good,”

“OK…” she said, unconvinced but she let it drop.

The bell rang for her class and she quickly gathered her books and shoved them inside her bag in an unorganized manner before getting up to leave.

“Wait!” he called out, running after the disappearing figure of the girl who stopped in her tracks to meet his gaze.


“I was… uh…”

Suddenly he felt stupid for stopping her, he was at a loss for words. But he’d beat himself up over for never having asked her.

“I was wondering if you’d like to have lunch tomorrow,” he waited for her rejection.

The surprise was clear in her eyes as she assessed in a new light.

“Um… I’m actually busy tomorrow,” she said.

He felt ashen, he knew this was going to happen, “Right, well… bye then,”

“Could we change to Saturday, maybe?” she asked him.

He stood there gobsmacked before the warning bell rang. The girl looked at him for confirmation and he nodded. She gave him a small smile before rushing off to her class.



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